• Cinderella

    There’s no spear runnings in your town?
    We’re ready to repair this mistake! So we have everything you need: armour, horses, love of fair ladies and lots of magic!

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  • World of Secrets

    You are a real pioneer at heart? Then join us! Be ready to come across to new adventures and mysterious. Explore, unravel and get new experience! The spanless world waits for you in the “World of Secrets” game!

  • Western Story Mobile

    Breathtaking Western world is gonna open all its’ secrets. Don’t you get scared? Then you should join us!

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  • Treasure Diving

    Diving, sea, ocean depths and mysterious treasures are not just mere words for you? Then you surely feel like fish in the water!

  • Western Story

    «Western Story» is the place where you can see Wild West period real as it gets. What is it about? It’s about how to shoot fast, ride brave, leave mark in the history, get rich and free, live to the hilt – in a nutshell, how to become a real cowboy!

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  • Treasure Diving

    Explore the exotic diving world with “ Treasure Diving”! Explore seabed, unravel ancient secrets of the ocean, feel like you’re the lord of your underwater kingdom!

  • Adventure Island

    Hot sun, white sand, palm shadows and rustle of sea waves. The real Eden on Earth! Got here against your will? You have to survive on the desert island! Fight with wild animals! There’s nothing impossible here!

  • Little Helper

    Little helper – is the little home keeper. His main task is to keep the house and cosiness. Good masters make good servants!

400 thousand people
400,000 people a day — the audience of the game "Little Helper"
11 game projects
Our company has launched 11 games on different platforms
72 employees
Big close-knit team that loves its job

About BIT.GAMES company

The history of the company has started in the 2002. We have been designing websites, portals heavily, creating banners and flash-cards, multi-media presentations. The game projects began in 2007, it was the first MMO projects. The birth of applications for social networking   in 2009 has made it possible to run a number of games that have been the most promising direction. In this regard, in March 2012, we had concentrated exclusively on building social and mobile games. As part of the in connection with the re-branding of the company name was changed to BIT.GAMES.

Founded in September 2011, the mobile unit is also actively developes  the most popular platforms on the market. These include devices based on iOS and Android. The company is closely monitoring the progress of the platform and the Windows Phone, believing in the future porting existing games and under it. It is worth to mention two major projects of BIT.GAMES - AppData and AppGrade, which are useful for developers that track trends in the popularity of their applications, and for investors who are constantly in search of the "star" of applications.

During 2012 the company has become bigger more than twice. This allowed us to develop new areas. The greatest interest was to mobile games.
Vladimir Rozov
  • We've released 11 games in a partnership with various publishers in the major Russian social networks - "Classmates", "VKontakte", "MoiMir" and also in the top ten overseas;
  • We are among the top 20 developers of Russia;
  • We work harmoniously support system that allows players to get timely answers to any questions;
  • We make games that play themselves, and yet millions of people around the world;
  • In addition to creating online games, we have developed and support the two projects - AppData and AppGrade, which are used by leading game developers in Russia;
  • We have a really great team, in which more than 70 employees.